Open Source


Tac-Tic is a company specialized in Open Source Technology focused in providing efficient solutions, and ensuring the functionalities needed for business success and lowering costs.

We emphasize our skills in implementing solutions for Network Tools (such as web, mail, DHCP, … servers), Business Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management and Workflow, Collaborative Portals as well as Digital Communication and e-Commerce.

With the growing availability of open source based solutions,Tac-Tic conducted an evaluation to find the most efficient. It is now on a position to implement, customize and develop modules that will meet the client organizational needs.

Introducing a variety of technological solutions that can be customized, integrated with each other or even implemented from scratch, for different types of industry. Excellent for both small businesses and large organizations.

Tac-Tic is specialized in, and in some cases partner with, the following companies and tools: Ubuntu, Liferay, Apache, Jboss, CMS,  …

We are committed in providing our customers with tools and capabilities to achieve their maximum potential in the business. We intend to contribute to its development and collaborate as long term partners.